We at SkyGroup are happy to announce good news! A new modern and reliable site in a data center in Vienna is at your service!

The Nessus 2 data center in Vienna is powered by 100% green electricity. The data center is Tier III compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Thanks to multiple redundant Darkfiber optic connections to three main internet nodes in Austria, you and your company are always guaranteed the best connection and unrestricted high availability. A biometric access system ensures maximum security on site. Each of the 5 server rooms is supplied by at least two (2N) completely independent UPS systems from the manufacturer EATON. Two dedicated 1250 kVA transformers supply the data center with sufficient energy. Our multi-redundant air conditioning system from the premium manufacturer Stulz meets the most modern standards, including ecological ones. All critical technical rooms are each in their own fire compartments and are equipped with gas extinguishing systems and early fire detection.

For now, we offer our customers 3 sites with the most up-to-date server equipment – 2 in Riga and a new one in Vienna. On their basis, we provide VPS, dedicated server and Private Cloud rental services at the highest standards and at favorable prices!

By developing and expanding, we increase the fault tolerance of our customers’ systems. In addition, geographic diversification in the location of data centers is essential for crypto projects, for the development and stable operation of their blockchains.

To order a Private Cloud, VPS or a dedicated server, please call +43 664 7531 5225 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber) or contact us by mail sales@skygroup.lv.