4 reasons to choose Colocation for business

Colocation is a service for placing client’s server equipment in a commercial data center. In the world, there is a quite large demand for this kind of service from providers, because it is a cost-effective alternative to equipping your own server room or a local data center. SkyGroup provides Colocation service in the data centers located in Austria and in Latvia.

1. Data Security Guarantee

SkyGroup can offer their data centers with Tier-II-III protection levels as a technological platform for placing equipment. SkyGroup company is fully responsible for the security of the servers – this is enshrined in the contract.

Equipment safety is ensured by:

  • control of physical access to servers and cabinets;
  • video surveillance and permanent presence of security guards;
  • the SDMO diesel generator to ensure stable operation of the data center in the event of a possible power outage;
  • fire extinguishing system;
  • uninterruptible power supply system Online UPS of modular type.

At the same time, there is round-the-clock support by the technical staff. Thus, comprehensive data protection is provided.

2. High-speed access channels

Since company data is stored remotely, the data center offers its high-speed communication channels. Duplication of equipment and switching provides maximum fault tolerance of the network infrastructure. Internal switching speed (LAN) provided is from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps.

3. Permanent access to power supply

The data center also guarantees uninterrupted power supply with SLA quality parameters. For this purpose, we use a reliable external supply, our own transformer substation, and a diesel generator station. In the event of force majeure and interruptions, the servers are protected from shutdown.

4. Proper microclimate

Equally important is the right climate inside the data center. It has air conditioners to constantly maintain the temperature and humidity at the right level for the equipment, regardless of the time of year. Cold aisle system provides efficient cooling of the data center.

Thus, data centers have enough technical capabilities to safely accommodate your equipment. Colocation service from SkyGroup can help a business optimize its costs for data storage and security.

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